Here’s to our beauty savior.

In this wonderful world of beauty, you really have to try anything and I mean it. That’s precisely why this blog existed in the first place. The key words will be: you won’t know until you try. Exactly my thought when I tried L’Occitane Amande Shower Oil.

I won’t know if it :

       Smells heavenly. I wish L’Occitane will make the same fragrance of this scent.

       Looks like oil, feels like oil, but not oily. Get it? It’s weird, hard to explain until you try it yourself.

       Cleanse my body like never before. It’s not foamy, yet my skin feels so clean.

       Makes my razor glides evenly. Use this oil as a base for shaving on dry skin before taking a bath, and feel how smooth the result is.

       Leaves sort of satiny feeling after I towel dry.

       Cuts my morning rush time. I’ve tried using body lotion afterwards, it won’t absorb like usual. This shower oil made me realize, ‘hey, I probably don’t need body lotion anymore’.