How do your eyebrow look?

Getting the perfect eyebrow for my face shape is never easy. In my good days, my face looks more oval. In my bad days, it looks round. It changes, really. Yes, there are tips on how to shape your own eyebrow, how to measure and arch….but seriously, I never pluck my own eyebrow unless they’ve been shaped by professionals before. It is a tricky and (in my case) dangerous situation if there’s over plucking involved, and I end up looking (more) fierce than I already am. Haha…

Back in July last year, I’ve tried Anastasia Beverly Hills in Bangkok. See my previous post here. The latest eyebrow shaping adventure I had, was at Erabelle Prestige, Singapore. Located in Vivo City, I decided to go with one of their services, named Erabrow Design. The brow trimming service, non permanent ones. I don’t have the courage yet to do any semi-permanent either permanent eyebrow shaping, so from now, it seems to be a safe choice.

The 20 minutes service (that was quick) of eyebrow shaping cost me SG$29. They plucked, trimmed, and colored (with eyebrow pencil) my eyebrows to my desired shape which also suit my face shape at that moment (which apparently turned heart shaped when I got too thin). Service’s wise, OK. Love the ambience and the nice therapist with kimonos, but I still prefer the end result from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Every great thing does come with the price, indeed.