… with the right foundation.

In the beauty world, there are some people who made mistakes they don’t realize. And the number one mistake is: choosing the wrong foundation shade. Then again, we’re only human, born to make mistakes. And thankfully, some mistakes can be corrected. Thanks to Estee Lauder, now we all can have the perfect shade for our foundation.

Last Friday, six bloggers (including me) were invited by Estee Lauder Indonesia to experience the latest shades of Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup. There are 10 ‘Asian Friendly’ shades available from this 15 hours staying power liquid foundation. And at the bloggers’ event in Metro Department Store, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, we learned so much about the product itself and how to apply the perfect base makeup, Estee Lauder’s style.

There are three things that we have to remember before buying a foundation. Skin tone, coverage and finish. “Many Indonesian women chose the wrong shades of foundation for their skin tone. They prefer it to be lighter than their own. But we at Estee Lauder believe that you shouldn’t look like wearing any makeup  at all. Foundation is not supposed to be seen,” explained Erfan Haryando, Communication Executives Estee Lauder Indonesia.

That’s when Estee Lauder iMatch Shade Finder comes for the rescue. It’s not what you think it is, it’s not an electronic gadget. It actually reminds me of those Pantone Color Guide. “We use this to determine the intensity and undertone of your skin color, so you can have the exact foundation shade,” said Erfan. And the best thing to try many shades of foundations is to apply on our jaw (seen on the model above), then blend with sponge. If you can’t see it, that means it’s the perfect shade.

After we found our shade, now what? Apply them correctly. Estee Lauder has three exclusive tricks to score a perfect base makeup.

1 Foundation Flower : think of our face as a flower and our nose as the petal. Avoid applying too much foundation by using a foundation brush, instead of our own hands. It will distribute the foundation evenly and reach those difficult areas, like sides of nose. Apply on one area at a time, sparingly.

2 Fatigue Fighter : for that dark circles, mix liquid concealer with eye cream before applying. Use concealer brush.

3 Powder Roll On : tap excess powder before lightly patting by rolling the flat side of the powder brush from one side of face to another.