Meet Myra W Dharyasa, the designer behind Piera by Myra, a jewelry line based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She’s a dear friend of mine from my previous adventure as an Editor. We met and shared similar beauty products launches, events, trips…you name it. As she got married and had a cute son, she decided to quit her job as an Editor and move on with her passion..her love of chunky yet chic necklaces.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to reunite with her during her label showing, Piera by Myra latest collection. She named them “Contrast” as there are lots of clashing colors and materials for her label. Her website and online shop will be launch earlier next month, so I’ll keep you posted on this matter.

Here’s my chat with her about her jewelry line.

SR : How did you start your line?

MYRA : “Piera by Myra was established on January 2012, it started from an idea of turning my personal liking of wearing chunky and chic necklace pieces to a business. I thought it would be nice if I can create beautiful and unique pieces for people to wear and to accessorize themselves. For me, accessory is one of the most crutial fashion element in one’s style. You can wear a simple top or outfit, and bring on the super chic necklace and voila! It is always nice to see women with style not simply because they wear high end branded clothes but because they can accessorize their body with the right and stylish choices. That’s why I created the label to cater all these needs.”

SR : Where do your ideas evolve from?

MYRA : “Basically ideas come from everywhere, from fashion trend, colour palette and designs that are shown through apparels to fruits, architectural element, sceneries, everything that catches the eyes.”

SR : What materials and techniques do you favor?

MYRA: “Materials such as metallic chain, fabric such as velvet, satin ribbon, crystal beads, acrylic piece, natural stones, synthetic pearls. Techniques: Twist, braids, mix and match, layering.”

SR : How would you describe the line’s style?

MYRA : “Chunky but feminine, chic but sometimes witty, elegant and colorful. I like my necklaces to stand out.”

SR : What’s your design philosophy?
MYRA : “Creative,
beautiful, unique, making a statement but wearable, and off course last but not least affordable.”

*Special Thanks and Hugs for Moza Pramita for becoming my model of the day

Contact : (62-21)81381241471
BB Pin : 214D72BA
Website : http://www.pierabymyra.com