If having meal with your family and friends are important to you, check out this new bistro in Jakarta.

Yesterday, I was invited to try out 8 (yes, 8) new menus from MIKA Japanese Bistro. Located in Kota Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta, I love how Sylvia Gunawan (Founder of MIKA) decorated the whole place. “Actually this was my wedding theme also. When I got married, instead of just ordinary wedding stage, I used library as my backdrop. Because I love the homey feeling, so I brought home everywhere with me, including the decoration for MIKA,” said Sylvia. Vintage European interior is the main theme, even when they serve Japanese culinary. Vintage hard case books on the table, gramophone, old clocks, miniatures of Eiffel Tower … interesting, right?

Sylvia is also the creator of all the contemporary Japanese menus, with the help of Japanese chef, Takeshi Kato and Indonesian chef, Nicholas Stanly. Yesterday, they showed the guests how to make Seafood Omurice with Bechamel Sauce through an educating cooking demo. Sylvia also shared her knowledge about Omega 3 eggs, which apparently are the best eggs for omelette, cause they’re more fluffy and the yellow color are more tempting than ordinary eggs. And of course, they’re healthier.

What differs this bistro from other Japanese restaurants and bars which spreads a lot in Jakarta? It’s a perfect place to snacks, mainly Japanese snacks (although they also serve full meals). Because this bistro is presented in a casual café style, you won’t feel intimidated to order a five courses meal. If you observe the menu, they also serve cocktails, beers (aha!), smoothies, and … Espresso Martini (check for me!). They do have kids menu as well, so I can imagine MIKA as the place for everyone, from business people to housewives/bloggers like me.

My tip: try their Ebi cream and rice korokkee, the Fish Katsu on Egg Mayo and various mocktails & smoothies.

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