Now that it’s raining more than ever…

Know that we’ll still have our umbrella. But not just a typical umbrella to make you shine on the rainy days. These cute and fancy ella ella ay ay ay… (hello Rihanna), will be our best friend through this wet season.

1.    Fulton Umbrella

If it’s good enough for the Queen herself, it must be the right iconic umbrella to have. Dome and transparent, it’ll provide complete coverage of your head and shoulders.

2.    Lisbeth Dahl Umbrella

Princessy umbrella from a well known Danish designer. Uniquely shaped like pagoda, it looks darn luxurious.

3.    Pasotti Umbrella

From one of the leading makers of luxury umbrellas in Italy, it comes with oversized bow. Ultra feminine yet quirky.

4.    Diane von Furstenberg Umbrella

A stylish way to stay dry with her signature print in black and white.

5.    Felix Rey Umbrella

Super bubbly with details like polka dots and a playful face graphic. I love this one!

6.    Marc by Marc Jacobs Umbrella

Another playful umbrella, covered by his logo letters.

7.    Jonathan Adler Umbrella

Perfect pick for those who love graphic and bold colors.