Don’t you just love the comfortable feeling of wearing a pair?

Making their way out of the gym, this is how you can dress up your sweatpants. Looking chic yet comfortable, check!

       Sloppy is definitely out of the context. Pick a thicker cotton material for the sweatpants, but definitely not terry. And no sport brand’s logo please.

       Ribbed legs, slim cut at the calf, will make the sweatpants look more awesome with killer heels.

       Opt for loose top. Tunics will be a great choice as it looks more fluid and womanly.

       Do the color vice versa. Light colored sweat pants, darker top OR the other way around.

       Stay out of canvas bag. Pronto. Sharper looking bag is a must. 

       As for jewelry, don’t overdo it. Just one cuff or bracelet will do.

       Shoes? No flats, please. Oh, and leave that gym shoes where they belong.