If fish pedicure eek you, this product will save you.

Before they are cracked under high pressure, treat your feet with some tender loving care. Dry heels is one thing, cracked heels are not pretty and they hurt.

Thankfully, this classic yet sometime neglected problem because they’re down there unseen, has a solution. The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue. I tested it on my son’s quite severe dry heels, because fortunately I didn’t have the problem.

I rubbed them on my son’s feet before his bedtime and put on his own socks. The texture is buttery, thicker than The Body Shop’s other favorite, Body Butter. It melts easily upon rubbing and the scent of peppermint oil smells great. It really helped my son’s dry heels overnight. When he took off his socks in the morning, the patchy parts on my son’s heels are 95% gone. He was happy with the result and the mother (that’s me) was surprised to see how this product really rescued overnight.