Don’t be fooled by the casual shot by Lizzie Jagger above. It’s not what you think it is.

The daughter of Mick Jagger teamed up with Wrangler for the brand’s new line, named Denim Spa. The latest invention and very innovative denim from the brand that exists since 1947, indeed. How do this jeans work, really? Reportedly, the jeans are sprayed with cosmetic microcapsules of moisturizing treatment during manufacture, then heated to bind to the denim fibre, to make sure a slow release of the product even when it have been washed. The friction of the skin against the tiny microcapsules will slowly breaks them down, making it an even application while used.

Surely not our typical denim wash, there’ll be three hydrating finishes to choose from. Smooth Legs for anti-cellulite, Olive Extract for moisturizing and Aloe Vera for sensitive skin. Can we skip our body lotion instead and just slip these on?

It will be available on by January 28.