For me, my makeup tools are my investment, just like my bags..(OK) and shoes. LOL. I do take care of them regularly. Do you?

Seriously, how often do you clean your makeup tools? Me, I do it once a week. One, they’re not cheap and I want them to live as long as me. And… I can’t bare to imagine those bacteria and oils transmitted on the brushes and sponge.

My favorite cleanser is probably the most affordable and most loved by bloggers : Daiso Detergent for puff and sponge. In Singapore (when I bought it), it only cost two dollars. So cheap, yet so effective and hard to get (mostly sold out). Not only removing any makeup build-ups on sponge and puff like it said on the packaging label, but it’s great for brush as well. Though I wish it smell nicer (like baby powder, maybe?) instead of just scentless, but for two dollars a pop, I’ll keep my lips tight for now.

This is how I clean my makeup tools with the detergent.

       Pour warm (not hot) water inside a small bucket and stir a bit of the detergent until creating bubbles. Don’t expect any extravagant bubbles, though.

       Dip inside all the makeup tools, leaving the handles on top.

       Soak for 5 minutes, stir until you see the water color changed from clear to yucky.

       Wash under clear warm running water until clean perfectly.


– Wash at night. Put them on a clean dry towel to absorb any wetness and let them air dry. Make sure it’s totally dry before you use them, or else they might smell.

– Another best cleanser for makeup tools (especially brushes), is baby shampoo. It’ll keep the softness and suppleness of the brushes.