As years gone by, I learned the importance of having the right night skin care. 

I’ve tried more than my fair share of night creams and serums, but my my my…it was so hard to find the right one. I want it light, non greasy, absorb immediately, yet effective and proven overnight without causing redness or worst..breakouts. A lot to ask, right? And I finally found: Make Up Store Hydra Night.

One of the skin care line from the Sweden’s beauty brand, exactly did what I wanted in a night cream. Simply called Hydra Night, don’t be fooled by its’ simple and chic dark packaging that looks like a cream jar. It’ a pump, which I thought is better and more practical, rather than you have to clean spatula after each used. Who has the time to do that, anyway?

I love the velvety texture, can’t explain it, but it seems like a mixture of cream and lotion. And the scent is not overpowering (some night creams are so harsh it made me hard to sleep), smell more vanilla-ish than flower-ish. The absorption is very good, and it didn’t leave any sticky or (worst) oily feeling. Applied on cleansed skin at night (two times pumped for the whole face), I believe it made my skin look more toned and very well hydrated (after that Air Condition blasted for more than 8 hours). When I used it on the back of my hands, they also feel soft and look rosy. It’s my current favorite night cream, I may say.