Let’s toast for a very happy new year. 

Supposedly to be my last blog at 2012, I personally can’t be more happy to welcome 2013. Lots have happened this year, and as my hubby always said “everything happened for a reason”. Although I’m the kind of person who’s always seeking for an answer “why?”, but lately I’ve learned my lessons well. One day, we’ll all know the answer. 

Karl Lagerfeld once tweeted “I design like I breathe”. Well, I believe I write like I breathe. There was a time earlier this year when I just wanted to stop writing forever, but I couldn’t. Those words were flying inside my brain. Then, I found tumblr. Perfect releasing tools to keep doing what I love.

Support from my family, friends (real ones), and you (yes, you) really means a lot for this blog (please click the LIKE button on the right column). Anyway, this blog hasn’t reach her first year yet, lots to catch up. But boy was I surprised and happy to see one Russian lady liked my tumblr (thank you). 

Someone once said that happiness is small and achievable goals. I am doing it, so I guess I’m achieving exactly that. Here’s to 2012. Cheers!!!