Coco Chanel once said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. But wearing too much perfume is a definite etiquette faux pas.  

So, how to not over-applied your fragrance? Do you really have to bother to touch up your fragrance in the middle of your daily activities?

Layering your fragrance smartly will help. A lot. But there are more tricks than just using the same body wash and lotion as your fragrance.  Learn more about the secret of layering:

       If you are the statement perfume fan, like Chanel No.5, leave it alone. Pick unscented bath and body products to compliment the (already) statement perfume.

       No range of bath and body products for your fragrance? Such shame, but you can try to stick to the same fragrance family. If your perfume is citrusy, then go for citrusy shower gel and body lotion. Same goes with floral, etc.

       Don’t forget to spritz your hair. But as some fragrance might be high in alcohol which will dry your hair gradually, do it last, after you dried and styled your hair. Or, you can use a few drops of perfume oil which will be a good frizz tamer.

       If there’s no deodorant for your favorite perfume, no sweat. Deodorant won’t affect your fragrance layering. Make sure you pick the most lightly scented deodorant.

       You all know the steps, start with body wash (it could be shower gel or good ol’ bar) that matches your perfume, then hydrate with body lotion (for normal to oily skin) or body butter (for normal to dry skin). Last but definitely not least, apply a drop of perfume oil or rollerball perfume where you’re about to spritz your EDT or EDP normally. Remember, the more moisturized your skin are, the longer your fragrance will last.



Hesperides Grapefruit by FRESH. The range include: shower gel, soap, body lotion, EDP and rollerball.

Musk by KIEHL’S. The range include: shower gel, lotion, EDT Spray, Essence Oil and Essence Oil with Roller Ball applicator.

White Musk by THE BODY SHOP. The range include: shower gel, deodorant, EDT, perfume oil, body lotion, body crème. They even have body powder & body mist too.

Amazing Grace by PHILOSOPHY. The range include: bath & shower gel, body crème, body oil mist, body spritz, body butter, hand cream, body emulsion, deodorant, solid perfume, fine perfume & spray fragrance.