The answer is yes.

Wondering why after all that 7 skin care routines, you still have pimples? Have you checked your pillow? How long did you have it already? How many times did you change the case in a week?

Except skin care products, we use pillow to sleep on every day. Especially for those side sleepers, those ugly combinations (oil, dirt and germs) are pressed against your face every night, causing the pores to become clogged. Add dirty linen and old pillow to the picture, voila! Your face will be the perfect canvas for acnes to grow. Your long hair can contribute to this problem as well (imagine those oil and dirt, collective from unwashed hair for two days). That oil and dirt will transfer on to the pillow, and goes straight to your face.

OK, enough about the dirty causes. Now on to the solutions.

1.    Reminder: there are no such things as best pillow or linen for acne fighting. Ordinary pillow will do, but have extra linen for casing change, at least once a week. Don’t tell me you’re still using your baby pillow because you can’t sleep without it. Try to change your pillow once a year (it’s more hygienic and fluffy to sleep on too).

MY PICK : SERTA (available at big department stores in Jakarta, Indonesia).

2.    You don’t need an Egyptian Cotton pillow case which cost a fortune. Yes, it cost that much because it is the best. But for cheaper alternative, a fine cotton with 300 thread count (check on the packaging before buying) already feel soft and smooth. Stay away from polyester which might leave you feeling scratchy.

MY PICK: AUSSINO (available in Metro Department Store, Jakarta, Indonesia).

3.    There’s a new material (for pillow case) from bamboo which claimed to be anti bacterial, and supposed to be more breathable. Might be helpful for acne-prone skin.

4.    Bought a new one? Wash before using, as it might contain sizing coating which can irritate sensitive skin. And always use gentle laundry detergent when washing your pillow case. Harsh detergent can irritate skin, pronto.

5.    While we can’t control how we sleep while sleeping peacefully, try to sleep on your back, face away from the pillow.

6.    Too lazy to wash your long hair before bed time? Pull your hair into a bun or ponytail to keep it off your face and pillow.