Burn them and you shall find.

Don’t be fooled by only the lovely smell and beautiful origami like packaging. These French candles could be your new best friend, as one in 50 candles contains a real diamond inside the wax.

The Pop-Up Diamond Candles (sold in Firebox), contain a 0.15 carat diamond (worth £250) for the small candle which cost £19.99. And for the large candle (which cost £49.99), you could score a 0.25 carat diamond worth £1000. 

They are made in a secret underground location where the President of the Pop-Up Paris company (surrounded by bodyguards) inserts the diamonds by hand into the wax. Available in 5 scents: Bamboo, Fruity Fig, Rice Powder, Grenadine and Earthy Wood, this could be the sweetest lottery one can ever score. Sure, you can call this a lucky candle.