There’ll be no such thing as bad hair day if you know exactly what hair type do you have and which hair care and styling products that will suit you best.

Take it from me, there’s no way in this world that we can expect our hair to look its best without any help. At least, we all need our basic hair care products. I’ve learned from a few hair experts back in the days that we have to choose to the right shampoo and conditioner (separate) for our scalp and hair type. And if you are the styling type (like me), you need add-ons. In my case, pre-styling products and post-styling products. 

Why do I believe in the power of styling? I have very fine baby hair, and I blame it on my genes for not having thick hair. I need volume and shine, pronto! That’s why I stocked my self with pre-styling products to keep my hair safe from heat, as I blow dry almost every day. And I definitely need my post-styling products to keep my hair in place for the rest of the day. I even have two different hair sprays, for day and night use. There you have it, my dear hair products that keep my bad hair day away.