Drying our hair shouldn’t be so hard to tackle anymore, thanks to this simple and practical styling tools from Goody. 

It’s really simple and practical, yet another proof that technology and its’ innovations don’t have to come in a very serious tools. This US brand (established since 1907), came up with super absorbent microfiber bristles, which claimed to remove 30% of water as we style our hair. We can say, it’s a towel and a brush in one (even though, you still have to dry your hair with towel first). 

The super absorbent microfiber is also antimicrobial to keep the brush fresh. This paddle brush is lightweight so we won’t have any hand cramps while blow-drying our hair. The brush will air dry by itself following use, but if you still have spare time in the morning rush, you can blast it with hair dryer to speed the drying process.