Are you a true believer that accessories can make or break a look? Read on.

Classic and conservative accessories (like that black tote bag *yawn*) might be highly interpreted as old and boring, especially if you’re also wearing little black dress with black stockings and black pumps. Seriously, is someone out there still doing this?

Have a (fashionable) life, ladies. It’s really not hard to make an outfit pop and in the same time avoiding you to look boring (and worse, old). The trick is picking the right accessories to make your look more youthful and fun. In this case, I’m going to discuss about bags as the ultimate accessories for everyday’s staple.

Yes, little black dress might be timeless as any of those classic fashion, but you can add the zing by wearing a trendy colorful bag. See, it’s very essential to create this Fashion Yin & Yang thing, mixing trendy modern style bag with smart, classic outfit. My current fave bags’ collection is MISCHA, Hong Kong’s local brand, designed by Michelle Lai in 2004. I love her signature’s print which actually launched two years ago, that became the brand’s iconic print. Using interlocking hexagons, they’re actually a representation of the sea tortoise’s shell which symbolized longevity. Check out the prints that look so modern, it’ll add instant youthfulness to any outfit. Yes, modern prints helped. So does the style and the color of a bag. Add some fun to your look by choosing the cute style (like the Dumpling Clutch above). Go for smaller bag and more lively colors (either bright or pastel). If you do need bigger bag, opt for sling bags as messenger’s style scream “Young”.

As I also believe that fashion is all about experimenting your own style, so be it. Go with a variety of different bags style to achieve your own fashionable look with a more youthful appearance.