How to save without closing your eyes when you passed by their windows. Aha!

My best friend didn’t call me “Shinta-The Power Shopper” for nothing. She knew pretty well that I can shop my heart out in only 30 minutes time…before the store’s closing time. While she came home with one paper bag, I could end up with more than 5 bags from different stores. 

How did I do that? Here’s “The Power Shopper” tips:
– Don’t go to the mall before you know exactly what you need.
– What you need is NOT what you want to buy (this is kind of the difference between Love and Lust, ladies).
– You are allowed to look at other things, too. But strictly hold on to this rule: Look, Touch, Don’t Buy. 
– Don’t let your friend(s) ‘poisoning’ you to buy things that you don’t actually need just because they said it looks good. If they said it looks good, why don’t they buy it for themselves?
– Know your weakness well. Mine will be bags…and shoes. If I ever got my eyes on a certain item, I’ll think immediately about my closet. How many black bags do I have already? How many nude pumps do I have already? Seriously, do you think you need another one of item that you already have? Usually, I’ll aim to other colors or other luxury brands to invest. We all need investment, right? 
– Last but not least: remind yourself that you didn’t pick your money from your money tree at your backyard. Hold on tight to that credit cards. Use it wisely.  

There you have it. Meanwhile, I’m going to share that the sale season is definitely on, right here in Jakarta. These are some of them, which I might go this weekend. Please feel free to share things that you bought over sale season all through this December. You can go to my facebook fan page, and make sure to click ‘like’. 

Happy Shopping, ladies.