This month empties from my adventure on beauty and body care products.

1. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash
I’m an old fashioned woman who loves my facial wash to be foamy. Lots of them. As I like my oily face to be squeaky clean at the end of the cleaning process, this probably the first Neutrogena product that I didn’t like. It might be cleansing gently, but with the creamy texture and a weird scent of pink grapefruit which didn’t produce any foam at all, this is certainly not my favorite. I think it might work for drier skin type. Repurchase? No.

2. L’Occitane Radiance and Colour Care Mask
I change my hair color every month, so hair treatment is a definite must for me. And this hair mask did wonder to my chemically treated (read: dry and coarse) hair. I love the green notes which remind me of freshly cut grass and the not so thick texture it has. I put this on once a week after shampoo & conditioner. I leave the mask on under the shower cap while I cleaned the rest of my body, then washed it away at the very end of my shower. Unlike any other hair mask I’ve tried, this won’t put any oily trick on my oily scalp, so it’s a bonus. When my hair dries, it does feel more relaxed, easier to comb and look shinier. Repurchase? Yup, definitely.

3. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs
Uneven skin tone is a total blah. For me, this product works like concealer slash foundation for my legs. OK, I admit, sometimes I used it on my arms as well. Not just covering any imperfections, but I use this to make my pale skin look more tan. Although they recommend to spray it straight from the can, but I feel better if I mixed it with my daily body lotion, then applied with hands. I think it does spread evenly using my technique. Repurchase? Yes, I need this when I’m on my skirt and sleeveless mode.