Dig in some digital print on fashion lately? Then one of this satchel bag has to be in your collection.

Basso & Brooke are actually the shortened for Bruno Basso & Christopher Brooke. They are the pioneers of the digital print process in fashion. Michelle Obama wore one of the label’s top in 2009, and it was like a seal of fashion approval for the UK’s brand, making Basso & Brooke one of the very first UK designers to be worn by the First Lady. 

They have collaborated with lots of brands previously (from fashion to beauty), from Swarovski to TIGI. And to close this 2012 with glory, they collaborated with fellow UK’s brand, Cambridge Satchel Company for this cool bag. Printed digitally using original Basso & Brooke print on genuine leather, they are now available for pre-order before Christmas time. Only 100 bags available for each design, this limited edition collection are only sold online. The good news: they provide express worldwide delivery for this collectible satchels.