Bad news for those who have allergies or not. 

A team of EU scientists are testing whether a key ingredient from a fragrance, a naturally occurring type of tree moss causes allergies. Tree Moss has always been an important ingredient in high end fragrances of its’ specific earthy and woody scent. FYI, under rules implemented by the European Commission in 2006, 26 common ingredients including the tree moss and eugenol (found in rose oil), must be declared on the packaging of perfume because they are potentially allergenic. 

And now the Commission’s Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety, whose in charge to protect citizens from harmful substances, want the tree moss (reportedly used in Chanel No 5) to be banned. Meanwhile, it’s still a guideline and not law, so The International Fragrance Association will conduct further research of this serious matter, I’ll keep you posted.

Personally, I believe that it’s impossible to change ingredient(s) in a classic and probably the most loved fragrance that has been around since 1921 and sold every 30 seconds in the world. Don’t you think so too?