THE INSPIRATION “It’s based on my own personal travel needs, and those of my team, our Tartelettes. We wanted to make something super travel-friendly for the holidays,” says Tarte founder Maureen Kelly. “That’s really what the holidays are about—travel, family, people you love.”

  1. THE BLUSH “Our Amazonian Clay powder blush lasts 12 hours.”
  2. 8 LIPGLOSSES “Small enough to put everywhere! I keep them in my car, on my desk, a couple in my jacket pockets—so whenever you need gloss, you’ve got it.”
  3. THE POWDER  Nixes surface oil for a full 12-hours and it’s truly colorless so it works for all skin tones.”
  4. THE BRUSH “It’s a really great, full-size brush—not a chintzy one. We sell it at retail.”
  5. 24 EYESHADOWS “The shade names are based on places we’ve traveled, like Napa Grape and Hampton Waves. We picked them out of a hat!”
  6. THE MASCARA “Lights, Camera, Lashes! It’s our bestselling mascara.”
  7. THE CASE AND MIRROR “The design was hand-sketched by our creative team!” says Kelly. “We figured, even if you’re traveling, you still don’t want a tiny mirror.”

THE VALUE “$512 For $54.”