It’s the color of love, color of passion and the color of Dior. Just look at the latest Lady Dior campaign, starring Marion Cotillard, shot by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. All pale colors, but one striking red bag, enough to make any statements. 

Bill Gaytten is responsible for the dress Marion wore at this ad, taken from Resort 2013 collection, just before he handed the reins to Raf Simons. The perfect backdrop for the Resort Collection: The Hamptons. This new ad will make its debut in December issue of print medias, so yes we saw it online first. Yeay!



It’s impossible not to wash my hair every day. Not only the climate to blame, but I’ll point directly to the oily scalp (if you have oily skin, most probably you’ll have oily scalp as well). Not to mention, the amount of hair styling products like mousse and hairspray that I used.

So, it’s important for me to find a perfect shampoo that will get rid of that oil and build ups every single day. Why I love Clairol Herbal Essence Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo?
– It smells great. I love the fruity bubbly smell (they said it’s a fusion of citrus blossom and green tea), which actually reminds me of my favorite drink, pineapple juice. And the scent seems to last long.
– It does what it said. Drama Clean. It cleans really well, I can feel my hair ultra light every time I finished washing it. It doesn’t leave any sticky and moisturizing feel at all.
– When my naturally straight hair dries without the help of hair dryer, it does look like it has more volume and shine. Considering my really fine hair needs a boost, this shampoo is my savior when I don’t have time to style my hair with mousse and hair spray.
– The 700 ml bottle with a reasonable price point for an imported product that I can easily get at the grocery store near my house. Remember, I don’t live in the US.  

Recommended? Yes, if you have oily scalp and avid user of hair styling products that can leave build ups. But if you have dry hair, try using this shampoo only once a week, just to get rid of build ups. And never ever forget to use conditioner. 


Jakarta Fashion Week is coming next week, November 3, 2012 to be exact. And I am preparing, mentally and physically to attend those busy week full of industry schmoozing and networking.

As I don’t want to rush like a mad woman before any shows, I already planned the whole outfit for the week. First, I’ll share my shoes collection. Yes, there’s some high heels involved, but I think I’m going to change throughout the day, even though I can practically run in my heels (proven!). So, I’m counting on my wedges and flats to keep me comfortable during the busy week. I’ll keep you posted on the whole outfit.


One of the must have clutch inside our closet. 

As a hardworking woman, we need a tough accessory that will stand by us through time. And box clutch is the perfect bring along. It has a hard case, so your cell phone will be save just in case you dropped it. And the bonus point for box clutch: they look ultra chic and precious. Here are 5 of my favorites, none from high end brands (can you believe they look so gorgeous without the hefty price tag?). 


These body care products are not for those who think that being beautiful is what makes them happy.

On the contrary, the people behind this new brand from Burt’s Bees think that being happy is what makes women beautiful. And they’re trying to prove that natural products can also look pretty and fun too. Yes, just like her sister, güd products are as natural as they can get. They don’t contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and most importantly, not tested on animals.

If her sister is targeted for more mature user, güd is aiming for those in their 18-24 age range. “Because women at these range are very sensorial. They may make great choices to protect the environment, but they’re not as on the lookout for villain ingredients, or worried about wrinkles, as the Burt’s Bees shopper is. Güd customers are the kind of women who will pop open the cap in the store looking for an indulgent fragrance,” Garrett Putman, Global Marketing Manager for Burt’s Bees told Marketing Daily.

I’m definitely out of their age range but still sensorial somehow (yup I still pop open any cap in the store if possible), I might try one of their products just to make sure that they really smelltastical like they said. I’ll keep you posted on that review as I’m surfing their website as I typed. You can also check out their colorful animation ad here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtCj7psqEKk



Georgia May Jagger added another gig for her already impressive resume, as the face of Vivienne Westwood latest jewelry collection.

Photographed by Juergen Teller for the new ad campaign, this fine jewelry collection was made with Palladium, the industry’s newest precious metal. Named the Gainsborough Collection, several of this intricate jewelry were already featured at Vivienne Westwood’s Spring 2013 Gold Label show at Paris Fashion Week. 

Shown here are the made to order couture tiara, chandelier earrings and necklace. Meanwhile, the bracelet comes from the commercial collection with more accesible price for us mere mortals, and will be available at Vivienne Westwood stores in UK and online starting end of October 2012. 


I have to admit, I miss Sex And The City. But, who doesn’t? This TV series will be the perfect antidote for die-hard SATC fashion groupies.

When I heard Candace Bushnell is going to make the prequel series based on the book “The Carrie Diaries” with the former writer and producer on SATC, Amy B. Harris, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yes, I am a true Team Carrie circa SJP era, but I supposed it’s going to be a fun nostalgic walk down memory lane, imagining 16 years old Carrie in her senior year of high school at the early 1980’s.

AnnaSophia Robb is going to be Carrie in this hugely anticipated prequel, complete with those curly locks, tutus and high heels. Expect new cast of characters (she hasn’t met Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte by then), love interest (sorry, no Mr.Big), new location (this time it’s Connecticut) and last but definitely not least, Carrie’s fashion sense. Eric Daman who worked as Patricia Field’s assistant for three seasons of SATC, and the costume designer for Gossip Girl, will be in charge for everything young Carrie wore.  So far, reportedly, he’s been using Marc by Marc Jacobs and Derek Lam to name a few.

I’m sure there’ll be a lot of comparison between young Carrie and “THE” Carrie Bradshaw as we know and adore, but it’s going to be interesting to see how the adult Carrie was mold before Mr.Big era. Let’s just wait and see until the show debuts on January 2013.



In this case, it’s not pretty if you’re being cruel to animals.

Have you ever imagine that the lipsticks we’re using were actually made from ladybug’s shell or the shimmer you’re applying is made possible by fish scales? That’s nothing compared to what I’ve seen through investigation video titled “The Ugly Truth” shown during the launch of Cruelty Free Campaign by The Body Shop Indonesia this morning.

Animal testing for the sake of our cosmetics is really not cool. It’s cruel. In the video shown, thank God my pics above are kind of blurred so you can’t see how the animals like mice and rabbits are suffering for the sake of our beauty products. According to Cruelty Free International, over 80% of countries across the world are still doing animal testing for cosmetics. Therefore, together with The Body Shop, they are committed to this cause and working together to achieve a worldwide ban on animal testing. As we all know, one of The Body Shop 5 values is “Against Animal Testing”. Both are now doing it with our help as customers, to sign the pledge in The Body Shop’s stores around the world, including Indonesia. “We hope that slowly, every region in the world will adapt this Cruelty Free campaign. And based on our experience, customer’s involvement and commitment will be heard more. The Body Shop has been doing “against animal testing” since 1996,” said Rika Anggraini, Corporate Social & Environmental Values Manager The Body Shop Indonesia.

Rika later explained that The Body Shop has been using a more reliable non-animal methods for products testing. “We’re using EPISKIN, it’s a synthetic human skin that react almost the same like our skin. We use them for ingredient test before the product developed and allergic test after the product has developed. It is more expensive, but no animals were involved at all.”

To kick off this campaign in Indonesia, local actresses and model, Rachel Amanda, Tya Ariestya and Laura Muljadi which are known as The Body Shop’s loyal customers since the Brit’s brand entered Indonesia, were signing the pledge at the event in Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, Indonesia. You can also help by dropping by to your nearest The Body Shop store and sign the pledge and leave your name and email. Or, simply log in to http://www.thebodyshop.co.id/ starting tomorrow.

At the same event, The Body Shop Indonesia also launched 100% Cruelty Free Makeup Collection by Lily Cole. Named the first ever global brand ambassador, Lily collaborated with The Body Shop for this lineup which includes lip shine, radiance primer, eyeliner, duo lip and cheek called dome, shimmer cubes and puff on radiance. Pretty in pink packaging, bright colors (many in purple, Lily’s favorite color) and shimmer that comes from mineral mica, not clam shells.

Being an eyeliner kind of gal, my favorite product from this line is the liquid eyeliner. Smudge to make smoky eyes look more natural, or leave the line straight. This limited edition collection will be available in selected The Body Shop Indonesia stores, starting tomorrow. And stay tune, cause this line will grace the runways in Jakarta Fashion Week, starting November 3, 2012 in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia.


This is how close you can get of owning 16 pieces of something by Tom Ford. 

His beauty line, Tom Ford Beauty, debuts a wardrobe of high-performance polishes. The 16 piece collection with range of reds, purples, corals and pinks, is offering a mega-watt shine and stay true color. 

Comes with an elegant box, this will be a mega hit present for someone or for yourself, maybe?