Living in a digital era, I have to ask you: When was the last time you actually printed pictures from your digital camera?

Me: like 11 years ago. I know, right? The last photo album in my family is my son’s baby album. Now, every single shot, every memories are well kept inside my Macbook Air, or uploaded to facebook. Reason: don’t have time to print, nor to make the album which will end up sitting there with our books collection and a pile of dust. I’m just not that type, that’s why I consider myself lucky to live in a digital era. 

But, this instant camera from FujiFilm, might change my mind. Since I love black, the previous member of the FujiFilm Instax family, Instax Mini 50S (released 2010) caught my eyes. It looks so elegant, comparing to the others which might look a little girly for some. Small and light enough to travel with, it includes macro lens that lets us to take great closeups (up to 30 cms), intelligent flash which will illuminates the surrounding details without washing out faces, two shutter release buttons so we don’t need to stretch for portrait or landscape pic, and most importantly, self timer.

The latest addition to the Instax Mini family, is the Instax Mini 8 (released September 2012). Available in 5 colors, it will create photos with a bright and soft look (which apparently preferred by female users) by manually adjusting the dial to “Hi-Key” mode (look at the sample pictures above).

I totally agree, that taking pictures should be a fun process, and one of this instant camera will be on my number one Christmas’ wish list this year. 

FUN FACT: Instax Mini was first released by FujiFilm in 1998. The bright and soft look of instax photos is one of the factor for its popularity among teenage girls and women in their early 20’s who are unfamiliar with analog printing (from