Being a sweet teeth, I always love the sweet scent of sugar. And when I first tried this body scrub, it smell so divine, I really want to eat it.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub is filled with goodies great enough to eat like smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains. See, even the ingredients are so tempting, right? And as any Soap & Glory products, it looks good in the bathroom. 

Why I love it?
– It smell so sweet.
– The texture is not as harsh as I expected, don’t imagine sugar as sugar for your coffee. Trust me, it’s nothing like ordinary sugar. It’s more pasty.
– It leaves my skin so soft afterwards and the scent does stay for a while, even my bathroom smell heavenly. 
– It doesn’t irritate, scratch, leave sticky feeling afterwards.
– Great product with an accessible price always a winner.
– It won’t give me sugar rush or added calories intake. 

How to apply?
– Before using soap in the shower, damp the whole skin (body only, please), and scrub evenly. 
– Scrub more on hard spots, like knees and elbows (sometimes I use it on the back of my feet too)
– Rinse well and never forget to use body lotion.
– Recommended to use depending on the level of scaliness you have to deal with. Mine will be once a week.

Repurchase? Yup!