It’s impossible not to wash my hair every day. Not only the climate to blame, but I’ll point directly to the oily scalp (if you have oily skin, most probably you’ll have oily scalp as well). Not to mention, the amount of hair styling products like mousse and hairspray that I used.

So, it’s important for me to find a perfect shampoo that will get rid of that oil and build ups every single day. Why I love Clairol Herbal Essence Drama Clean Refreshing Shampoo?
– It smells great. I love the fruity bubbly smell (they said it’s a fusion of citrus blossom and green tea), which actually reminds me of my favorite drink, pineapple juice. And the scent seems to last long.
– It does what it said. Drama Clean. It cleans really well, I can feel my hair ultra light every time I finished washing it. It doesn’t leave any sticky and moisturizing feel at all.
– When my naturally straight hair dries without the help of hair dryer, it does look like it has more volume and shine. Considering my really fine hair needs a boost, this shampoo is my savior when I don’t have time to style my hair with mousse and hair spray.
– The 700 ml bottle with a reasonable price point for an imported product that I can easily get at the grocery store near my house. Remember, I don’t live in the US.  

Recommended? Yes, if you have oily scalp and avid user of hair styling products that can leave build ups. But if you have dry hair, try using this shampoo only once a week, just to get rid of build ups. And never ever forget to use conditioner.