These body care products are not for those who think that being beautiful is what makes them happy.

On the contrary, the people behind this new brand from Burt’s Bees think that being happy is what makes women beautiful. And they’re trying to prove that natural products can also look pretty and fun too. Yes, just like her sister, güd products are as natural as they can get. They don’t contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals and most importantly, not tested on animals.

If her sister is targeted for more mature user, güd is aiming for those in their 18-24 age range. “Because women at these range are very sensorial. They may make great choices to protect the environment, but they’re not as on the lookout for villain ingredients, or worried about wrinkles, as the Burt’s Bees shopper is. Güd customers are the kind of women who will pop open the cap in the store looking for an indulgent fragrance,” Garrett Putman, Global Marketing Manager for Burt’s Bees told Marketing Daily.

I’m definitely out of their age range but still sensorial somehow (yup I still pop open any cap in the store if possible), I might try one of their products just to make sure that they really smelltastical like they said. I’ll keep you posted on that review as I’m surfing their website as I typed. You can also check out their colorful animation ad here: