As a firm believer that nothing compares to good quality shoes to achieve maximum personal style, this Autumn/Winter Collection 2012 from Chrissie Morris are definitely buzzing through my current shoes radar.

Just like Diana Vreeland said, “First, I’d put money into shoes. Marvelous shoes.” There’s no second doubt to have these babies, marvelous babies from a Brit designer, Chrissie Morris. She debuted her first collection in Spring 2008, and was named the winner of Italian Vogue’s “Who’s On Next” competition and Best New Talent from US Conde Nast’s Footwear News.

All produced within one country, in this case, Italy, and made completely by hand, her collections are very geometric, sort of Art Deco-ish and every single details seem to push to the extreme. Towering heels, exotic materials, will definitely turn us into the right kind of trouble.