Unlike some fortunate ladies who live in a colder climate countries, rocking this dress over pants trend is a bit difficult for us.

Layering. Super cool when you know how, but extra hot (literally) when you live elsewhere (in my case, Jakarta, Indonesia). So when Emma Watson showed up with this black mini dress with a pair of black jeggings, it was a total mind opener. 

Back in the 1990’s dress over pants were huge. Actually it was not only pants, we wore them over jeans and anything as far as I can remember. But can we really pull this trend off now where I live?

Sure can. Here’s how:
– Keep it monochromatic like Emma did.
– Strapless dress is good as top, as it’s less hot, literally.
– Stick to a slim, super slim trousers or jeggings (no leggings please).
– Avoid ballerina flats as they’ll look sloppy, stick to high heel pumps or head for brogues shoes instead.
– As the trend’s name said: dress over pants. Don’t add more jacket or vest over the dress. Enough is enough.
– Less is definitely more for accessories and make up. You don’t want to pile up in this trend case, believe me.