We can blame it on those late nights, too much staring at the computer screen, smoking, eating the wrong food, or drinking too much alcohol. But why whining if you still have it anyway?

Me? I’ll always blame it on my genetic. I’ve had dark circles since I was 8 years old. No, I didn’t start using eye cream since, but I did when I was about 17. And I always end up looking for the perfect eye cream, until one day I realized there’s nothing I can do with my dark circles, except doing filler injection or any beauty procedures related. Did I? No, as I’m those type which easily bruised whenever injections involved, and it last longer to heal, I don’t think so. 

So, eye cream and under eyes concealer are pretty much it for my beauty routine. Until I decided to try on this. Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator. It promised to brighten the eye area with its neutralizing violet formula, increase skin firmness and minimize the appearance of dark circles. It contains high concentration of antioxidants, hydrators, botanicals, fruit extracts, minerals, vitamins and amino acids which reportedly ensure optimal effectiveness. 

It’s an automatic pen, so for the first time, just twist around 10 times. As it said, the color is violet, but the light ones, so when applied, there’ll be no sign of purple. The texture is light and easily melt on my fingers when I rubbed them. FYI, I still use my regular eye cream before I pat this gently using my ring finger on clean skin. And I’ll not miss my under eyes concealer after I used this.

Please refer to the pictures above for before and after photos. I assure you that I didn’t do any photoshop for this review. I believe it tone down my dark circles for like two levels and minimize the appearance of fine lines on the corner of my eyes. I can say my problem solved.