Remember Keds? The canvas sneakers brand that I personally suspect is the name behind our Indonesian version of “sepatu kets” (aka sneakers in English) is truly an American legend. 

It has been around for almost a century (since 1916), and has created the most lightweight canvas sneakers, like ever. Famous for its silent rubber soles that don’t make any screechy sounds when we walk, I remember I had one back in my high school days. That was like a century ago, too. Just kidding. 

Well, last year, this shoe brand launched their ever first garment collection. Their debut resort line last year was sold at Opening Ceremony stores and online. Cute and adorable, they seemed to did just fine, so they continued the clothing line. This fall 2012, I’m psyched to see their latest collection. Classic sweaters, printed shorts and jacket, trousers and dresses in bold colors, I am happy just to see them in refinery29’s site.