Previously launched in July 2012, I’m not just attracted to the vibrant hues and the styles of this collection. It feels nice if you carry them and you know the history behind them. 

Founded in 1941 as a men’s leather goods company, it was only 21 years later, Coach started the women’s collection. Bonnie Cashin, Creative Director of Coach in the 1960’s revolutionized the industry with bright colors, industrial, hardware, and the look we now recognized as iconic Coach (check out their vintage 1960’s print ad). "She reads and listens and travels, and her horizons are wide,“ said Bonnie about the Coach Woman she designed for (see her sketch above). Hmm…sounds like someone I see everyday in the mirror. 

Coach Legacy Collection is inspired by some of Bonnie’s most iconic designs. Examples: my favorite, Legacy Penny, is a modern version of 1970s Dinky Purse. And inspired by the IT bag back in the 1973, The Duffle Sac, now known as Legacy Duffle.

Speaking of vintage style, even the shades named in purpose. Cobalt aka blue sky, was introduced in 1962, after twenty years of only black and tan color from Coach. Their first ever blue shade is similar to a shade worn by Jackie Kennedy on a visit to India in that same year. Carnelian as in bright red, also has been in Coach color palette since 1962 and it echoed the color of Jackie Kennedy’s signature lipstick and Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can. Emerald is the first green color inspired by nature: olive from the 1950s and green tea-lime from 1963. Colorblock, which was introduced in 1968, was also huge back in the 1960s, thanks to mod fashion icons. The latest color will be Sunflower aka yellow, which was introduced back in 1994 after a long 50 years of finding a perfect tanning process that would combine artisanal leather with a clear, intense shade of yellow. 

Talking about timeless, I personally think that Coach Legacy collection are too hard to be missed. Check out my favorites in every color available above.