Roses are red, Rose Kashmirie is ….

the latest fragrance from Les Parfums De Rosine Paris. To find out more about this niche brand and its’ latest venture, I chatted with Marie-Hélène Rogeon when she visited Jakarta yesterday.

Chatted with me and media friends, the ever kind Marie dressed head to toe in Issey Miyake’s famous pleats that evening. “I love it. It’s so comfortable. And it’s so addictive, I must warn you. Once you wear it, you want more,” she smiled kindly. Addictive, just like all her fragrances creations for Les Parfums De Rosine.

Born into a family of perfumer, her grand grand father created Eau de Cologne for the Emperor Napoleon III and special wax for his majesty’s moustaches. Her passion for fragrances created original and wonderful compositions made from natural essences, mostly roses. “Roses has different colors and smell from one another. Some might smell fresh, some fruity like raspberries or blackcurrant scent. And roses are the easiest to mix with other ingredients. It’s the only flower that can be extracted into rose oil and rose absolue.” She explained further that rose oil will be used for top notes because of its’ very long lasting power. Meanwhile, rose absolue will be used for middle and base notes.

Les Parfums De Rosine only uses roses from Bulgaria, Turkey and Morocco. “Best in term of smell. For top notes, roses from Bulgaria is best. For one kilo of oil, we need 1000 kg of rose petals. We use only the petals which are harvested early in the morning to retain their freshness.” For Marie, creating fragrances is like creating music. “It’s not like I’m going to the lab and create the formula. It’s more like writing music composition.”

For her latest creation with fragrance designer François Robert (which have been working together with her for the last ten years), she was inspired by Bollywood. “It’s not something usual in France to watch Bollywood movies, but when I saw it, I felt the joy and colorful life. It’s like rose petals are flying everywhere in the Bollywood movies,” she laughed. And it didn’t take long for her and François to create Rose Kashmirie. “He lived in India before, so it was a fast process for me and him to create it. And he’s a traditional perfumer, so he knew instantly what I wanted in the first place,” she added.

Rose Kashmirie is a marriage between floral and spicy notes. This new oriental rose is beautifully balance with an astonishing accord of Bulgaria rose oil and red saffron from Cashmere. To magnify its’ scent, more scents were added like Chinese Peonies, Absolue rose of Damascus, Vanilla, Indian Vetyver Roots and Sandalwood. “Personally, sandalwood are my second ingredients that I love beside roses. It gives power and the touch of elegance to every fragrances,” Marie admitted.

Like other fragrances from Les Parfums De Rosine, it’s beautifully adorned with tassle. But this one, as unique as the scent itself, the tassle is very colorful with colors identified in most Bollywood movies such as yellow, green, and pink. For myself, this oriental categorized fragrance is warm and mysterious. When Marie passed around the saffron stuffed inside a tiny bottle and a rose oil bottle to be smell together, it’s so extraordinary how the two ingredients created a unique scent I’ve never smelled before. It’s going to be a night fragrance for myself, because of its’ sensuousness. When I asked Marie what kind of women that she sees using this fragrance, she answered: “Those who are sophisticated yet joyful towards life.” 

Rose Kashmirie by Les Parfums De Rosine will be released this October.