Eventually, most people are really curious about what beauty products do celebrities use. Sometimes, we can’t really believe it’s really what they’re using, because of celebrities endorsements. One of the privilege of being a superstar. 

But when they didn’t do the advertisement for the product, and they just tweeted it casually with the picture of the product itself, would you believe that they really really love that product? Please be the judge.

Meanwhile, (if you ever believe in it), this two beauty products are @victoriabeckham favorite. She tweeted about them. The hand cream is from a little-known beauty brand called Royal Apothic, which manufactured this US$20 hand cream in Los Angeles. I bet this vintage-inspired tube hand cream will be sold out in no time in Anthropologie’s store where she bought it.

By the way, this is not the first product that Victoria ever mentioned on her twitter account. Earlier this year, she exclaimed: “Loving this face moisturizer!! Also mixes well with makeup”, for Lancer Dermatology AM PM Nourishment Treatment. Gonna go get them?