I won’t lie, but I do love rainbow cake. But rainbow eyeliner? Seriously?

Well, if you decide to try, why not? After all, make up is about having fun, experiencing and finding your true identity. If you think rainbow eyeliner is hard to achieve, no worries. Nail Rock, the brand that created nail wraps came up with Eye Rock, Designer Liner. Named Disco, it contains four different multi-colored winged eyeliner, for a fuss free flicks. Rainbow style is just one of them, there are 3 more styles inside one pack, for monochrome bright liners.

Just like nail wraps, adjust, stick and go procedures are also applied here. Simply cut out your chosen eyeliner design, press and peel. They said it will last up to 16 hours, so it’s worth your cash (sold at Asos for £7).