As Indonesians, we are proud of our very own Batik. It has been there for a longest time, but only 3 years ago, UNESCO honored our Batik as a “masterpiece of the oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity” right on this very day, October 2.

The recognition from the world is definitely a huge honor and also our responsibility as a big nation to preserve the heritage of batik, especially for the younger generation. Yes, of course we’re proud that many international designers such as Dries Van Noten and Julien Macdonald already used Batik or inspired by it, but we’re going to be more proud if we as Indonesians are wearing our Batik with pride.

So, in honor of our National Batik Day or simply known as Hari Batik Nasional for most of us, I asked some of my dearest friends to send their pictures wearing Batik. Check out how they wear theirs with pride and unique own style. Special thanks to Moza Pramita, and last but definitely not least, Ratu Ommaya and The Body Shop Indonesia’s team.