I’m a huge believer that a scent will develop memories, to take a nostalgic journey back through time. And for one particular perfume house and its perfumers in Paris, Dyptique, all their perfumes are journeys. 

This year, Dyptique presents its latest fragrance, Volutes. Inspired by memories of transatlantic crossings from Marseilles to Saigon made by one of three founders of the Dyptique House, Yves Coueslant, his childhood journey blends together in this concoction. Imagining elegance and freedom, with its beautiful female passengers wearing their expensive perfumes and the male were smoking tobacco on-board. 

To develop all of its memorable aromas, Dyptique and perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin blended an intense and bold tobacco with an Amsterdamer note, with accents of wax, honey and dried fruit. Top notes from fresh spices, pink pepper, Madagascan pepper and saffron give it warmness, and smoothened by golden honey. Iris, immortelle and myrrh are the contrary of tobacco, which cover all the facets of the fragrance. To give the olfactory power, storax, opopanax and benzoin which extracted using a brand new process, completed the balance of this genderless fragrance.

Volutes are available as an Eau De Parfum and Eau De Toilette which notable by the color of the label. Black is for the EDP and white label is the EDT. As I’ve attended the private dinner for Volutes launch last September, I noticed that the EDT is more transparent and light compared to the EDP. It does what it categorized: fruity, floral, aromatic and spicy at the same sniff. Unlike any EDT that I have tried and tested, somehow Dyptique will last longer, so if you’re looking for softer notes to wear throughout the day, than EDT is just perfect. For night, I do recommend to wear Volutes EDP. Elegant yet soft at their first spritz, but powerful in the end. So powerful, someone who noticed your smell that night will surely memorized you.

Even though one of its’ ingredients is tobacco, don’t worry, they are sweet ones. Instead of the strong smoky scent, you’ll smell the woods, incense and musk. Believe me, it’s nothing like your smokers friend shirt’s scent. 

Dyptique Volutes will be available in Jakarta at mid October 2012