Have you ever found something that become one your favorite beauty items accidentally? What I meant here, you never read the review about that products, nor anybody in your circles ever used them. You just bought that item because at that moment, you needed it badly and you can only find that product. 

I did. Lots of times actually. But recently on my trip to Bangkok, Thailand, I found this remarkable if I may say, nail polish remover. I didn’t buy it because of the cute packaging, obviously. I bought this Boots Nail Polish Remover with Rosemary Oil because at that time, right before boarding back home to Jakarta, Indonesia where I live, I realized I have 10 chipped nail polish on my fingers that looked so ugly. Searching around for drugstores inside the airport, I found Boots. I have soft heart for every drugstores around the world, and of course Boots is one of them. And the only nail polish remover available there at that time is this. So without any further hesitation, I bought it. 

Surprisingly enough, it did remove my dark nail polish in one swipe. It was a fast action with this remover, and I think it’s the extract of rosemary oil that didn’t leave my skin taut. And unlike other harsh cheap nail polish remover out there, it didn’t make my nails looked dull afterwards. It didn’t leave any acetone smell afterwards either. So I can say that I’m more than happy with this product, but the only problem is: I only bought one, I’m almost running out of it.