Nothing surprised me much when watching E! Red Carpet for the 64th Emmy Awards yesterday. The usual “what are you wearing” question that answered perfectly by all the stars (like they tried to memorize it on the way to Staples Center), and all that boring pose. 

But, being one of the innovator of red carpet coverage, this time around, E! came up with the mani-cam. Clever, since the stars can show off their lovely manicured fingers with a ring (also borrowed) on it. That also showed us the importance of being manicured. 

Recently, I tried one of the Germany Collection from OPI’s Fall Winter 2012 range. The color called “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine!”. From the way I see it, it’s a dark grey and dark green combination with creme texture. Perfect if you love dark shades for your nails, because it won’t look as dull like if you put only dark grey. And as most of the OPI nail polishes, the color look exactly the same like we see it in the bottle. Here, I use two coats with the top coat from Jessica which add more gloss and help them dried faster. Taken with flash, I hope it translate well to my picture.