Never leave your style when it comes to traveling. Airport style has never been cooler than these trunk and trolleys.

Got my eyes hooked on Louis Vuitton Pegase45. Dots looking cheerful and ultra chic, luckily this US$4000 trolley is cabin sized, so one does not have to worry about the expensive luggage being smacked rudely.

Looking like a rib cage is Samsonite by Alexander McQueen. It was designed to protect your belongings like the human rib cage protects our vital organs when we move about in the world. How thoughtful.

The only trunk in this post is also from Samsonite. It’s from their Black Label Collection, back in 2008. This extraordinary piece is full encrusted with Crystallized Swarovski elements and reportedly is sold to the luckiest (and richest I supposed) 30 people in Europe (they were limited edition, folks). 

And the funkiest and baroquest of them all, not to mention the latest, is Anna Dello Russo collaboration’s with H&M. The bright turquoise cabin sized luggage, adorned with golden baroque motifs ala Anna. Love it.