These are my power makeup tools to get me ready in 5 minutes, tops!

The key to achieve super fast makeup for me is getting the right products, the multi function types, so my skin will still look healthy beneath all those makeup. Here are my current favorites (step by step):

> 1st step: Eye Cream. It’s super important to put on the right eye cream if you have sensitive eyes like mine. Some eye creams (no matter how expensive they are) will make my eyes red and teary the whole day. Imagine to my surprise when I found Estee Lauder Time Zone Eye Cream. It become my first base for the eyes area, to make it feel soft and less wrinklish. A good eye cream will be a perfect base for the concealer to stay put throughout the day. 

> Step 2: Eyes concealer. For those who suffered dark circles whatever the causes are, we need strong brightening under eyes concealer. And Soap & Glory Trick & Treatment is my champ. It has light-reflecting pigments plus peptides that fight aging while making dark circles lightened. Even though it has yellowish pigment, don’t freak out. It somehow minimize fine lines and neutralize dark under eye circles. Just pat wisely, don’t overdo this baby.

> Step3: Moisturizer and foundation. If I have to rush through the door, I don’t have time to put on moisturizer slowly and perfectly, neither to slapped on some foundation with the blending brush. Perfect answer to my prayer for skin base: Olay Total Effects 7in1 Day Cream. Moisturizer and foundation in one that cleverly disguised fine lines+wrinkles+black spots or ex-acne spots, balancing the skin tone (especially when you have red areas on the sides of nose and chin), soften dry skin parts, made big pores somehow look smaller and brighten the skin altogether at once. How’s that for a perfect product?

> Step4: Blush. Still, we need blush, not to contour and make our face look slimmer. It’ll make your whole face brightened with just a stroke on the apple of the cheeks. I love MAC Mineralize Blush, as it gives shimmery glow that make skin looks healthier and happier. My shade: Happy Together.

> Step5: Brow shaping. Nope, no time to do the perfect arches. That’s why I recommend to wax your eyebrows regularly (mine will be twice a month), so you won’t need too much of your time shaping them every day. My trick is just to shape the eyebrows with Sleek Brow Kit. I don’t use the powder provided to shape, I just apply the wax with the brush which I took from one of the beauty counters. 

> Step6: Lashes. Seriously, do you have the time to deal with mascara’s clump and have to separate it lash by lash when you’re in a hurry? Invest in a perfect eyelash curler. Mine is Shu Uemura and it has been with me for ages through thick and thin. Clip and hold for 10 seconds for each eyes, that should do just fine.

> Final step: Oily skin be gone. For perfect matte skin that last throughout your active day, I swear by this MAC Prep+Prime Finishing Powder. Don’t let the white powder inside the compact fool you. It won’t leave any white traces even if you have darker skin.  

Remember: makeup is all about having fun with the products. So never feel pressured of wearing makeup, no matter how minimal time you have. I know I do.