Thanks to her uber famous mother and father, Harper Seven Beckham is already a trendsetter for baby girls. Only 14 months young, her mother already dressed her in Marc Jacobs, Chloe … you name it. Even her father joked about his daughter’s branded wardrobe at NBC’s Today: “Her wardrobe is unbelievable. It’s amazing. I think that’s why I have to keep playing!" 

But, wait…how come we rarely (read: never) seen Harper in pink as any other baby girls are wearing? Hallo …. look at her mother, Victoria. Have you ever caught her in pink? Like mother, like daughter I guess. Victoria has been dressing Harper in shades like grey and white, I’m worried Harper will be pink blind. 

Seems like other mothers in the UK are following Victoria’s way of dressing her daughter, proven by statistics from Marks and Spencer. The sales of non-pink daywear has increased by 52% last year and M&S have introduced other baby ‘IT’ colors such as silver, grey and mint.