Remembering the teenage years, too many hormones to tackle and too much pimples to handle, this (another) youtube sensation is really an inspiration for teenagers. 

Watch Cassandra Bankson on her youtube (, and you’ll understand why this 19 years old California’s native is such a big hit. Said her first pimple popped up at 9, followed by cystic acne at 14, and got bullied because of them, she decided to put her barefaced once and for all in youtube back in December 2010. Her skills to cover her troubled skin by foundations, concealer and powders had more than 45 millions youtube’s viewer inspired. So inspired, designer Stacey Igel decided to put Cassandra on her label “Boy Meets Girl” runway in New York Fashion Week 2012. 

Now, she’s pursuing modeling (she modeled for Sephora, Hourglass Cosmetics and CHI) and she has a dream of becoming a dermatologist. Way to go, girl!