There was actually an era, when all the commercials are free of B.S. Where all the ladies and gents not exaggeratedly nipped and tucked, in purpose.

And long before Spanx, Maidenform Shapewear and any shape wear brands that promise us to look slimmer, there were actually their predecessors. Corsets and girdles from the 1940’s advertisement proved it all (see above). The lingerie innovations of earlier days to show how ladies tummy can look flatter, with no photoshop of course.

Although hugely popular back then (worn by Ava Gardner and Marlene Dietrich), I believe it wouldn’t be as comfortable as the now brands (mentioned earlier). But it’s a huge relieve to know that girdles can actually tucked and nipped our (not to oversized) tummies as easy as one, two..three. No photoshop needed here, thanks.