People, they’re not just celebrity daughters. Both named by France’s region, here they are…the King of Pop’s Daughter, Paris and the Queen of Pop’s daughter, Lourdes.

One year younger than Lourdes, Paris Jackson is an active Twitter user (right!) and she has her first movie role. Even though, only La Toya (her another famous aunt) approved, Paris wants people to acknowledge her more than just Michael Jackson’s daughter. A tomboy in real life (she does soccer in school), don’t you think she looks beautiful in Glamour’s October 2012 issue photo shoot (see picture above)? Advice for Paris: please, stay out of plastic surgeon’s knifes, you’re already gorgeous at 14.

Even though Madonna has an ever-changing style, that wouldn’t apply to her daughter, Lourdes (now 15 years old). Reported to hate her daughter’s habit of smoking and head shaving (see picture above), Lourdes just being a teenage girl who has a very strong opinion (said her mother). Advice for Lourdes: Please, stay out of another troubles and younger boys. You’re only 15.