They’re most famous in the 90’s and supposedly to be wear at your BACK, not in FRONT.

 Have you noticed some people are wearing their backpack at the front? Whatever the reason, people (even for security reason) it’s a big hell NO NO. That’s why it’s called the BACKPACK, not a FRONTPACK. Geez. 

Go ahead, remembering the 90’s in a good fashionable way by wearing backpack, now. Look at how Ashley Olsen carried her US$39.000 “The Row” backpack with such an effortless style. Well, she carried a crocodile on her back alright. 

Extra tips (so you won’t look like college girls gone bad): 
– Pick more mature material, such as leather or exotic skin if you wish (and have more cash to blow). 
– Stay away from black canvas. Go for motifs like this cute polkadots from Brahmin or leopard prints from Pierre Hardy.
– Learn how to’s from Ashley, carry it sling on one side only, while the other hand is grabbing mineral water and your smart phone.