Who could resist a plate of pasta?

In Northern Europe, this dish is known as a baked macaroni dish called Macaroni Casserole. In Indonesia where I live throughout my whole life, it’s well known as Macaroni Schotel. Made famous by the Dutch during their occupation here, Schotel (Dutch) means Dish (Indonesian), referring to the container used to make this food. Well enough with the history, now it’s eating time!

My dear friend, Sielly sent me “Creamy Pasta” Mac’Tel. They surely named it for the right reason. It’s super creamy and addictive for pasta lovers. Available in three stuffings, they called it Mac Beef, Mac Chicken and Mac Tuna, instead of just Macaroni Schotel. And unlike most ordinary Macaroni Schotel, they used long macaroni instead of elbow macaroni and the texture is not so solid, you can’t expect it to cut perfectly like cake. So eat them with spoon.

Mac Chicken which I’ve tried and photographed above, taste so delicious. Creamy to the last bite. The consistency of the cream blends well with smoked chicken and fresh mushroom. Indonesians love to eat everything with chilly sauce, and for those of you who prefer them spicy, try it with the chilly sauce provided. It’ll become sweet, salty and creamy at the same chew. “Creamy Pasta” can be found on face book under the same name. As Indonesian said “Selamat Makan” (it’s Bon Appetit by the way).