Amazed by celebrities that always looked so nicely tanned without overdoing it, apparently not just being achieved by spray tanner or all that tanning moments at their private beach. It’s as simple as slathering body lotion, but not your typical drugstore body lotion for sure. 

Two celebrated Hollywood make up artists, Bethany Karlyn and Scott Barnes came up with their own products after several celebrities clients demanded their skin to look more glowing at the red carpet.

Bethany came up with Prtty Peaushun (read: Pretty Potion) Skin Tight Body Lotion which later adored by Gwyenth Paltrow and Rihanna. Fragrance free and natural, it contains subtle light reflecting pigments and will help even out skin tone. The package really looks like refills, but actually it is the real thing. It was designed to take up minimal space in landfills. Very thoughtful indeed.

Thanks to Jennifer Lopez’s bronzed skin that glows like it was lit from within, Scott Barnes launched his best selling beauty product, Body Bling. Used by Jennifer throughout her career (and several divorces too I bet), it became one of the most wanted all over body bronzer ever.

If you want to achieve those all over glowing and bronze look without those hefty price tag, I personally recommend The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. Its ultra light texture oil won’t feel greasy and gives you the even bronze skin with a hint of shimmer.
Extra Tips: put more on the legs, and don’t forget to scrub before applying.