I got my first grey hair in college, thanks to the family genes. Ever since, I couldn’t live without hair dye to cover them. At the beginning, I always play safe with the colors. I don’t want to look different, I just want my grey hair covered. Pronto. But lately, I became more playful with colors, simply because I got bored with black and dark brown.

The latest color I’ve tried is this Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Dye. I love to dye my own hair, because (let’s face it) it’s cheaper and I can change easily whenever I feel like it. Inside the box contained: 1 pair of gloves, developer bottle, coloring agent, hair tip nozzle, leave on conditioner and instructions (as easy as one, two, three, really).

What I love about this, the texture is thick enough so it won’t drop easily. Recommended for first time user. The instructions are easy to follow, and it took only 20 minutes for the color to be developed. But from what I read in the instruction paper, you need two boxes of this, if you have longer hair. Luckily, I have short hair so I only need one box to achieve this color (I chose Premium Beige). It covered the grey hair and it looked more shiny.